The purpose of this blog is to serve as a portfolio demonstrating my understanding of new media. In the article “New Media from Borges to HTML” Manovich describes new media as “anything that requires computers for the final project”. (Manovich p. 17) Some examples of this would be a computer game or website.  New media is an interaction between technology and a user through images, words, and sounds. All things related to the internet, such as this blog, are perfect examples of new media.

Much new media is incredibly complex. Take for example, a software program. When a user first beings to use a new software program it can be daunting trying to figure out. Luckily, there are usually instructions on how to utilize the software program efficiently. These instructions are something that a technical communicator would write. New media is also closely linked to technical communication because it is a platform to reach an infinite number of people and therefore should aim to be user-friendly.

The goal of a technical communicator is to have a reader gain some knowledge from the writing they compose. Therefore, the goal of this blog is to leave you, the readers, with some gained knowledge on the topic of new media.


One thought on “Introduction

  1. lgmediageek says:

    (Peer review)
    There are only two posts here as I write this, but I’m eager to see how your blog fleshes out as you add menus, pages, and other things. I like the clean look so far, though; it’s easy on the eyes.

    I like your Olive Garden observation. I, too, find it curious how technology affects the way we interact with others in person. As you point out, it’s not always a good effect. Maybe that could be your blog’s theme: exploring how face-to-face interpersonal communication has changed as new media has become more prevalent in our lives?

    Also, your observations about Facebook tie in nicely with Chalkley et al.’s (2012) statements about globalization (p. 15).

    I’m interested to see what direction you take your blog in!



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