Hi! My name is Isabella Gray and I am a student as the University of South Florida pursuing a degree in Professional and Technical Communications. I am 20 years old and am the proud mother of a beautiful baby girl. Growing up in a full household with 3 sisters, 3 dogs, and 4 cats has left with an “interesting” point of view. I hope you enjoy my blog!


One thought on “About

  1. Adele says:

    1. In the “introduction” section of the blog, Isabella incorporates the definition of ‘new media’ based off our text that is technology that works with images, videos or sounds. In terms of exploring the concept of new media, Isabella talks about it in several posts, most noticeably opening a discussion about the possible harmful affects of it. She posts about a set of people who were constantly on their phones instead of interacting with each other at a restaurant. It is through discussing its possible affects that Isabella shows her understanding not just of new media, and what it means to people in today’s world.

    2. Isabella defines new media by using an enlightening and fun procedure of baking cookies. She combines pictures she has taken with her own camera into a list of text on how to perform a task. New media uses the combination of such areas of technology to be something that can be shared with people. I also like how she cited a book she had originally found the recipe in as this includes even more information and references, which makes for a well-rounded and interesting post.

    3. Isabella makes creative use of the medium with her screencast of how to use Pintrest. I found her video to be very informative, as I have heard of Pintrest often but have never been sure what it was about or how to go about using it. She shows a clear understanding of the website and its benefits. This is an example of using new media and sharing it with other people, as Isabella made a video, recorded a sound (her voice) and typed up an explanation all into one post.

    Overall this blog is informative and relevant to our coursework. I also like the layout of the blog. The keyboard header is a nice reference to technology, which is imperative to the idea of new media. I think the colors of purple and maroon are good, as they are not too flashy or too dark. I’m interested to see where Isabella takes this blog, and to see what other insights she may have on the affects of new media.


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